Living 30 Days With Tie Society (@tiesociety), were they days worth living?

WP_20131119_017With many milestones in life, thirty days isn’t that long of a time span. In the concepts of relationships, jobs, and other major constructs of our existence, thirty days is but a blip in time. However thirty days is enough time in to establish one’s residency in many states and to judge many of the goods and services that are available in the consumer marketplace. For the style subscription service Tie Society, thirty days was deemed long enough of a duration to figure out if the service really works. More importantly to see if the service and all that is offers is worth the money.


Setting up an account is relatively simple. Once that is complete, you now have the opportunity to explore their collection. Upon initial review, Tie Society boasts an extensive selection of ties, bowties, and other accessories that cater to a wide variety of tastes. Their collection features items from various designers including (but not limited to) QP Collections, Bruno Piattelli, Brier & Moss, and Ivy Prepster. It was very easy to search through the site to find the bow tie, skinny tie, knit tie, etc. that would fit the look that you were looking for.

For our time with the service, we focused on bow ties, knit ties, and pocket squares (with a few tie bars thrown in for good measure) for our use. The ties that we received during our time with the service were really top notch. As stated the selection is really great, however the more popular an item or style is, the more likely it is for it to be unavailable. We found this a lot when looking through the pocket squares and knit time, as much of the collection had already be taken by other members. We were a bit disappointed with this, but it didn’t detract from the overall experience.


So the box it a little beat up, but it survived the USPS. lol

The presentation and shipping of items was effortless and simplistic. Items arrive in the “iconic” black box with the silver etched Tie Society logo. All boxes included the standard return shipping label. While the presentation was nice, the speed of delivery is really what we were concerned with in our “need it now” culture. To that end shipping was relatively quick as they use USPS First Class mail for all packages. Packages can take an average of 3 days to arrive depending on a member’s location using this method. Being that we are in the Washington D.C. area where packages are shipped from, we received packages about the day after we received the notice that it had shipped (barring weekends and holidays).


As with any purchase we ask the question “If is worth the money?” In our honest opinion it is hard to say, as it is really subjective. For the month we used the three items at a time for $19.95 plan, which with frequency of use allowed us to receive a total of twelve items. Clearly the items’ retail value far exceeded the plan’s price. However if you plan to wear items multiple times before sending them back, it may not be as cost effective as purchasing the item outright or for a discount through Tie Society itself.

Final Verdict

Tie Society presents a simplistic yet sophisticated service that at its core is a subscription service giving its members what they want in a timely fashion. Accentuating its core, Tie Society delivers on its promise of providing the look of success to aspirational young men for less by offering unique styles and designs in men’s accessories to the masses. Thirty days may not be a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but it is enough time to see that Tie Society lives up to its mission and provides a great value to its members.

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For more information about Tie Society, visit them at


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