PS4 Midnight launch: From pickup to play in just under an hour.

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My Launch games…yes I regret Knack, don’t judge me.

Before I discuss how it all happened, big credit goes to Gamestop in Largo, MD for the most organized, smoothest and secure launches I have ever been to.  Thanks for getting us in and out and safely back to our cars.

Yesterday, I went to Gamestop to pick up any games and accessories needed as my pre-order had already been paid for several weeks prior. The manager at the store had told me to come back at 6pm to get my number in line as the only PS4s they were releasing at midnight were just those that were already paid for.  I came back at 6pm, and I got number 15, which meant no matter what time I came back, that was my place in line.

Customers wait for their numbers

As this particular Gamestop was 5 minutes away from my…

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