30 Days With @TieSociety (Days 1-4)

After weeks and months talking and writing about subscription services, we finally decided to take the plunge to test out one of these services. The service in our test sample for the next thirty days is Tie Society.  Using the discount code “TRIAL2013” we signed up for the service to test for the next 30 days on its speediness of shipping and its quality of merchandise.

Day 1

Signing up on Tie Society’s site was effortless. Once membership is established, navigating throughout their online collection was simple. Once I found the items that were desired, they were placed in the individual membership closet and then shipping was requested.

Day 2

Received notification that the requested items had shipped. That was fast!

WP_20131030_004Day 3

Much to our surprise a slightly manhandled box bearing the Tie Society logo appeared in the mail box. The USPS strikes again!

Day 4

The box was finally opened to reveal its contents. Inside contained a Laurant Bennet Purple and Black bow tie, a Burma Bibas stripped yellow knit tie, and an imported black gingham pocket square.


Opening the box delivers this greeting.
Opening the box delivers this greeting.

So far days 1-4 have demonstrated Tie Society’s quick shipping and depth of choices. Let us see if days 5-30 hold up to the standard set by the first few days.



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