Getting a Woody on Bow Tie Thursday with Ella Bing

The loss of a loved one can have a profound effect on the course and direction of those that are left behind. The loss of Matthew inadvertently sent the Kraus family down a very unique and creative path as it sought to honor and pay tribute to his life. Ella Bing was born to keep Matthew’s memory alive as he wasn’t afraid to rock a bow tie in any social situation. Ella Bing hopes to pass his passion for fashion and bow ties along to all of us through their exciting creations.

The designs for Ella Bing’s bow tie collections have to be some of the most vibrant and creative ones that we have ever seen. There is definitely a sence of exuberance and life in each and every design. One of the most unique collections that they offer is their Woody’s line of wooden bow ties. We have seen bow ties made from a wide range of materials before, but the Woody’s line is certainly one of the most creative line of bow ties that we have ever seen. Take a look at some of Ella Bing’s bow ties below.

The Jose Gaspar


The Bel Baha

The Kennedy





For mor information about Ella Bing and all of their magnificent collections, visit them at



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