From Comics to Movies: Unfortunately Race still matters

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This post was inspired by one written by Matt Elfring 3 years ago as well as a discussion yesterday.


So yesterday, there was a rumor that Michael B Jordan may be cast in the Fantastic Four  and just the rumor itself has many reactions coming out of the movie going community.  As much as we like to say that we progressed as a race let’s not forget this was the reaction of certain ‘conservative’  folks over Idris Elba in Thor.

Even in one of my discussion groups a lot of people had many reactions to the news and this news is STILL just a rumor right now as Jordan was just a name drop.  So what this tells me is, if this is confirmed, we can expect 21st century people to come out with pitchforks, torches and 18th century sensibilities.

So, let’s drop a few choice comments from my discussion group to show…

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