Summer Movies: Rule of Two, Part I

Pop Culture Uncovered

We are halfway through April and already there is anticipation and excitement for this year’s summer crop of movies and if you are really excited, then you know by August your wallet will be crying for mercy as you spend nearly 50 dollars or more (movies dates ain’t cheap or haven’t you heard!!!) for many of this summer’s offerings.  be honest, you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) see everything. So before you go, let me offer my perspective of what you should see and what you should wait for or avoid totally as this year’s summer crop kicks off.  Also a few other opinions may be coming so as always, YOUR MILES MAY VARY as this list kicks off!  Why is it called Rules of Two? Just read it and see…it’s kinda like the Sith.

1. These are the 2 movies that not only you should take off work and play ‘slick’ to…

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