Gents, It’s time to clean it out !!!

Pop Culture Uncovered

For better or for worse, men to most degrees are as not of big clothing hoarders as women.

(Yeah right about now is when the fight started!)

Why? Because when most of us shop for clothes, we buy our stuff for functionality first and style second.  Let that sink in a moment before you disagree.  Most guys don’t need 8 different pairs of black shoes for work right?  Most guys on average own maybe 3 or 4 pairs of jeans, right? Most guys will not have 5 or 6 different blue shirts in their closest. Right?    Maybe.

This is why it won’t happen if you are smart.  It’s spring and it’s time for spring cleaning. Yes, the term is corny but if you actually stick to it you would be surprised how much progress you can make doing it not to mention you will be surprised at how much…

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