@KillShakespeare returns on a tide of blood.

comics_kill_shakespeare (2)My first real exposure to the works of William Shakespeare came within the halls of my high school English class as we read and studied Julius Caesar. While I was exposed to more of his writings as I traversed through high school, the gravity of the Bard’s works truly didn’t hit me until college. Reading Othello during freshman year as well as the watching the current (at the time) film adaptations of Othello and A Midsummer’s Night Dream seemed to open my eyes and mind to the iambic pentameter of Shakespeare, which most likely explains why the original Kill Shakespeare comic is one on my favorite new comics of the past few years. Over the summer, series co-creator (the stylish) Connor McCreery let the cat out of the bag that more was coming. Just has he promised Juliet, Othello, Romeo, and the shadow king Hamlet are all back in the brand new series Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood.

Series creators Anthony Del Col & Connor McCreery return with original series artist Andy Belanger to send some of the literary worlds most famous characters on a new world changing quest while they are still dealing with the fallout of the events of the original series. The new series opens with the potential return of King Richard’s forces causing the band to wonder if its time to pull up stakes, all the while Romeo has become a drunkard seeking comfort in prostitutes as he deals with Juliet’s rejection and love for Hamlet.  However little time is spent wallowing in misery and fear as Miranda brings an icy warning into town as she brings news of her father Prospero’s awakening and the dire consequences of that fact.

With the original series’ creative team in tact, KS: The Tide of Blood doesn’t lose a beat when compared with the quality of writing and art that was exemplified in the first series. With Miranda’s warning of impending doom, the foreshadowed darker tone of The Tide of Blood is something I am eagerly looking forwards to. As the issue ends with our first view of Prospero’s icy island, our heroes have embarked on a quest that we are eagerly awaiting to find out how this quest ends.



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