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The Playlist: The Suit & Tie Experience

After using the past few years to star in an array of feature films and to get married, former N’SYNC front man Justin Timberlake recently returned to the world of music with his new single “Suit & Tie” from his forth coming album The 20/20 Experience. In the seven years since the release of his last album FutureSounds/LoveSongs popular music has taken many twists and turns with new sounds, new “genres”, and new stars emerging during his absence. In many ways “Suit & Tie” represents the maturation of Timberlake into not only an even more dynamic and versatile artist, but arguably as one of the most prolific style icons of the current era.

While the official video for “Suit & Tie” is a very stylish video, we have to say that we are very partial to the lyric video. The video is a very simplistic representation of the song with the lyrics being animated throughout its duration. The video features a very stylish JT at a piano and other low key settings performing the song. The most striking aspect of the video is the wardrobe, as the video itself could be equated to ad for Tom Ford. Not to say that this is a bad thing, as the styling of the video is impeccable.

As with any popular song,  you tube has become saturated will all types of artists giving their take on “Suit & Tie”. One of the most apparent aspect of many of the artists is that they use the very motif of the record to create a very stylish visual image for themselves while still holding true to their own individual personas. As you can image this isn’t an easy task when you are covering someone else’s song. Here are a few of our favorites.

After everything is said and done, we are going to take JT’s lead and head out tonight with our suit and tie. Are you going to join us?



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