Adding Color in Winter with a Little Scarf Action

The 4th Doctor is known for his scarves and his love of jellybabies. We still don’t know what a jellybaby is.

Autumn is symbolized with a mental hue of rustic yellows, orange, and golden browns as the leaves begin to turn and leave us for their winter vacation. Autumn is also an interesting season for style as well as it beginning with us dealing with a gradual drop in temperature, thus leaving us  to squeak out a little more time out of our Summer wardrobe. A summer wardrobe that is filled will different hues that reflect the season.  All the while, the gradual creeping in (then sudden slap of) the cold makes us instantly reach for our winter stock of garments. As we do this, have you ever noticed the lack of color that seems to occur in our winter wardrobes? Sure we stock up wool scarves, blazers, suits, and the occasional Cardigan (or five), but what colors do we tend to see? Greys, navys, and blacks often dominate the landscape. It almost seems as if the winter months affects us on some deeper psychological level to gravitate to darker colors to reflect the cold isolationist feel of the frigid temperatures outside.

Injecting a sense of color into your winter style can help one resist falling prey to the winter closet doldrums. In theory this injection is simple, but in practice this can become a daunting task considering the options that are often available. To that end forget about totally redoing your closet, let us focus on accessorizing color into the mix.

 The Scarf  

A grey or black scarf is often the go to scarf for the season. These colors offer complement our selections of top coats, yet leave much to be desired when it comes to a little pizzazz. Instead of the normal motif, try scarves with a navy hue or ones that showcase scarves that feature a multitude of colors and patterns. If you don’t want to stray to far away from your zone of comfort, try patterns that feature black and grey.  The following are a few examples of scarves that can do the job.


 The Tanner Infinity is a red based multicolored scarf by The vibrant red hue of the scarf is “highlighted” by streaks of black, white, and differentiating shades of red.  Made of acrylic, it will not give you the insulation is wool or cashmere, but it will certainly be effective in making sure that your neck doesn’t freeze as you go to and fro.


A casually striped scarf like this Maroon and Navy one offered by Fashion Scarves and Shawls would be an excellent addition to many a winter top coat.


Even though this one is a little 4th Doctorish, don’t be afraid to go a little out of the box. While browns and oranges are often signifiers of Fall, don’t be afraid use them with your winter topcoat as with this recycled scarf courtesy of jill2dayIMPULSE shop .

Don’t forget, these are merely suggestions. It is ultimately up to you to find your own voice, to find your own style. Now go out and have fun doing it!



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