Digging through The Digital Vintage Crates

The quest to find the tools and garments to be the well dress and stylish man that you are can often be a very expensive endeavor.  While stocking up your closet with the finest labels and bespoke apparel can be quite taxing on the wallet, it can be very beneficial to look for more and more of your key items on the vintage scene. We always look at vintage as a nice way of saying second hand or gently used, and there is nothing wrong with that. Shopping vintage can be a great way of finding well kept quality pieces while paying a significantly lower price. While your local thrift store or Goodwill can provide a treasure trove of finds at times, the internet has made it so much easier to find vintage clothing without leaving the house. Whether its overcoats, suits, separates, ties, or accessories, exploring the vintage scene can provide more bang for your buck compared to buying new. Take a look at some of these exciting shops to understand what we are talking about.

The Ivy League Shop

Founded in 2011, the Ivy League Shop features vintage clothing in a very ivy league style (of course). Searching through the Ivy League Shop, we found an assortment of items from known brands including Brooks Brothers, Lands End, and LL Bean. The shop features everything for a gentleman’s closet including blazers and sport coats, ties, shirts, and outerwear. They even offer vintage bar accessories in the gift shop.


Vintage Brooks Brothers “Brookslinen” Blazer $100


Men’s Cable Knit Ivory Cardigan $40


Mid-Century John Douglas Silk Repp Stripe Necktie Tie $40

Style and Salvage

The all around vintage shop know as Style and Salvage featured vintage clothing for men, women and children as well as other tidbits from bygone eras ranging from the 1920’s up until the 80’. One of the best things that we saw about the site was that they don’t just offer blazers or sport coats, but they offer full suits as well.


1970’s Brown & Cream Herringbone Wool Tweed Suit $100


1970’s Stratojac Wool Tweed Houndstooth Check Brown with Blue Windowpane $250


1980’s Men’s Red and Grey Woven Square Bottom Neck Tie $20

While these shops are not the end all be all of vintage shopping, hopefully that will give you a great headstart in finding the quality vintage pieces that you desire.



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