It may be fledgling, but Windows 8 has style: Apps

How Suit UP!! appears on the tiles window.

Microsoft’s latest version of its popular operating system is the biggest gamble that the company has taken with its signature product since Windows 95. Windows 8’s hybrid desktop tablet interface (formerly know as Metro). As with any tablet/mobile OS, usability is paramount, but the quality (and for some the sheer number alone) is an important factor in choosing and ultimately using any platform. As one can imagine, with Windows 8 being just a little over a month old there are not a multitude of apps especially when you compare it to similar offerings that are in the marketplace. While the  number of applications for Windows 8 are growing steadily everyday, we have found a few  free applications that every stylish gentleman can utilize.

suit supply logoSuit Supply

Suit Supply’s offering on the Windows 8 platform is a very complete package. Outside of providing the location of all of the Suit Supply store around the world, the app also presents the user with a news feed about Suit Supply, and most importantly it allows you to shop their online store by style. The Suit Supply app is a must have for any well dressed man.



Suit Up!

Much like other platforms, Windows 8 isn’t lacking apps that demonstrate the fine art of tying a tie, but Suit Up is at the head of the pack. It features step by step instructions for six different knots including the bow tie. Suit Up also goes a step beyond the rest by including various way to try a scarf, which can be very handy during the fall and winter seasons.

The homepage for Suit UP!!

An example of a knot- Four in hand Windsor knot.


The app for Gentleman’s Quarterly is fairly straight forward as a portal to information about the most recent issue of the popular men’s magazine. The app allows users to download a preview version that contains snippets that issues biggest articles and pictorials. The app also includes a video “welcome” to the user. We hope that this app will be updated in the future to include more of the video content from the GQ website.

Sample content from GQ Magazine.

Sample content from GQ Magazine.

While the apps are not plentiful, there are still many apps that are very useful to the stylish gentleman. If these apps are any indication of what is to come on Windows 8, the future is very bright indeed.


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