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2X The Covert Action with COD: Black Ops 2

Call of Duty Black Ops II – Multiplayer Done Well
It seems like there will be those that complain about the multiplayer
aspect because of all the changes and those who welcome them. I am probably one
of those who welcome some of the changes to the multiplayer aspect and so far am
really enjoying them but before I get into it, here is where I stand on some of
the other aspects.

Controls – in my POV, if you have played one, you have played them all.
CoD thankfully has not had much under the hood done and whatever minor or major
tweaks you want to do with the controls is easily done.

Graphics – Again, when you get a CoD game you get a AAA title that looks
great on the screen, small noticeable differences in shading are well noted in
this game as well.

Multiplayer maps – maybe it’s just me but it seems like there were more maps
in BLOPS I but the ones they give here seem to be a bit more tight and give way
to more run n’ gun type play, very frantic movement with little chance to slow

So, what’s my take on MP?  First off, I think this is the 1st CoD game
that really takes the time to walk in newbies, amateurs and veterans without the
pressure of feeling like you are being dropped right into shark infested
waters.  I am one of the very few who can admit to not being that guy who eats
sleeps and breathes Call of Duty.  I am not the guy that studies each of the
game maps religiously nor am I the one who sole aim is to rack up all the kills
on screen.  While I do enjoy playing this game, I have found it frustrating that
the multiplayer side can be so lopsided.  You are a level 5 soldier being
dropped in a map with everyone’s skill levels all over the place and it seems
more like you are just playing to survive.  I have hated the fact for years of
playing this game having to hear someone’s 9 or 10 year old child at 2am on CoD
using words that would make a sailor blush sometimes ruining a good online
moment.   I am one of those people now who play online without using my mike
because most of the time I really am not up to playing with strangers who don’t
know how to act and because me and most of my friends are married, have kids
etc, it’s difficult for us to get together and play together.

So, yes, I welcome the idea of at least the 1st 10 levels being completed
with everyone close to the same levels. I think it’s a great idea and wonder why
this hasn’t been done sooner.  I even like the idea of now being able to set up
private modes with yourself and AI bots to practice on with everything at your
disposal for times when you don’t want ( or can’t)  play for hours upon hours
feeling that need to level up, not to mention when all of your other friends are
busy, those who are on and able to play, you can squeeze them right in and still
have a full map with all the game has to offer.  Treyarch has taken that
dangling carrot off of the stick and has finally made a CoD that is accessible
to anyone who wants to play it the way they want to play it. If you want to play
online, great, if not that’s great too and you still have access to all the
modes needed to get a lot of variety out of the game.  There are also some
“Party” games that friends can play together. Some of you reading this will
probably think that it’s crazy to get this game and not play multiplayer but I
am also willing to bet that a lot of people who haven’t wanted to play this
series for years have had that same frustration and can now find a reason to
play without the push of having to play with others.

There are going to be many detractors out there that are probably saying
that playing with bots are lame but the AI is pretty sharp in most levels and
you can set the intensity before you start.

So in summary, if you ever been intimidated or just didn’t want the
frustration of trying to keep up, this Call of Duty is for you.

4 out of 5 stars

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (Vita)
It’s really sad to see what little support the Vita has been given in
nearly the year it’s been out but within the last month a nice steady stream of
games have come along to kick some life into this system.

BLOPS:D  is a nice mixed bag of mobile goodness that people have been
pursuing for years and for a first effort it’s not bad.

Controls – Very easy to handle and thankfully so far no gimmicky touch
screens.  While you do control grenades and knife swipes with the screen it
doesn’t always feel awkward though every now again if you aren’t careful, you
can accidentally hit the wrong thing but it’s not game breaking so far.

Graphics – Not bad but in some of the modes particularly hostiles, you
feel as if they could have used different varieties and models of enemies on
screen. As one other person stated and they are correct, some levels are indeed
dark and you may miss a target if you aren’t looking.

Campaign mode – it’s what it is, Black Ops missions.  Whether you are
escaping an exploding building or freeing prisoners, what you are getting is a
bite sized mission to play as you go.

Gripes – So far not many, I do feel sometimes that even when dishing out
headshots you have to almost unload your weapon in a target to make it stay down
as headshots don’t always do the trick. Furthermore, I hate the fact that during
some missions, just when you get close to the end, if you die, you have to start
completely over.  Saved checkpoints would have done well here to keep the game
moving without starting an entire level over again.  Also, I am not all that
crazy about the idea that some ops have a timer to them that you have to
frantically go about to complete. And  while I do like the Hostiles mode, I do
wish there was a way to get a larger variety of weapons in the course of some of
the stages.  I also wished that some of the MP modes from the console game made
it over to the Vita but as they say you have to crawl before you can run.

Anyone that is a COD fan and an FPS fan who has been looking for a good
shooter since Unit 13 finally has their wish. It’s just enough here to keep you
going while on the go and then there is the added extra bonus of getting CoD:
Road to Victory for free that makes this package a good deal.

4 out of 5 stars


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