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Bow Tie Thursday: The Bond Edition pt. 5

Everyone has a favorite Bond, ours just happen to be the very first Bond on them all, Mr. Sean Connery. Connery played the British super spy in a total of six films from 1962 through 1983 (his original run is 62-71 but the odd duck Thunderball was released in 1983). Connery set the standard for what the living breathing personification of Ian Fleming’s literary character is supposed to be. This standard is one that all Bonds that followed used to create their own take on 007. Bond films which starred Connery such as Goldfinger are often cited as the best of the best Bond films. While he may not be your favorite like he is ours, we can all agree that his performance a Bond laid the foundation for all of those that came after. Connery as Bond has arguably left a looming shadow on anyone that takes up the mantle of James Bond.



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