A love letter signed with an O.

I must admit that I have watched you from afar for the past few years. Not because I wanted this, but as time has gone on and I have grown older, I have grown up and moved away. I’m am far away, but close enough that I can’t visit you every few years.

I miss those times when I used to come to see you with my dad. Walking to your old house. Feeling the excitement and the magic, fresh and new with every visit. I used to listen to your exploits every time they were on the radio with my great grandfather as John Miller narrated every detail of your most recent exploit. I was just a child then, yet as I grew my love for you grew.

As a young growing man I came to visit you quite often. Sometimes with my dad, sometimes with my mom and sister, other times it was with a various cast of friends and family. And then I left. I went away to find myself. To grow and become a man. I did come to visit you once, but you were not home. I was able to stand on you field. I imagined what it was like when your own Tony Stark played around on that very field. Oh that was so long ago.

So much time has past since I last saw you. In that time I know that you have not been doing so well. Many had written you off, but I just wanted to let you know that I never stopped believing in you. Even when others talked down of you, you never left my heart or my lips. Every time I hear the national anthem, I want to scream loudly in your honor.

Now I see that you are back on your feet. Feeling much like it did in 89, as you came back from another downturn in your career. All the naysayers are now believers and you are once again the darling of the world. I just wanted to let you know that I will always believe in you. Whether you lose more then you win or rise to the top, I will always be there.

I may have met you at Memorial and fell in love with you when you had Cal and Eddie, but my love for you extends past Camden Yards, Eutaw Street, and Markakis, it is eternal. That Orioles Magic has never left me and it never will. O say can you see!


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