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Webster Style Magazine Podcast # 5: Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed

Finally, WSM has come back with a brand spanking new podcast after a long unintended hiatus. Jason and Elden are up at the crack of dawn to fit another recording in. The guys catch up on some their comings and goings of the past few months and other topics that they were dying to talk about. Listen as they talk about:

I. Heimies Haberdashery in St. Paul (

II.Covering Up Discussion

A. Men using fashion/clothes as a cover up to not deal with deeper issues of insecurity, low self-esteem, etc.  Why?  We spend way too much money to create a life that does not line up with who we are on the inside.  Does that make sense? (

III. App Spotlight

A. Webster Style Magazine app (WP7 & Android)

B. Shazam

C. Snapperific (Iphone)(

IV. Upcoming Events

A. House of KAS grand re-opening (Sep 6)(

B. Baltimore Comic Con (Sep 8-9)(

C. DC Fashion Week (Sep 17-21)(

Be sure to contact us by email at or leave us a message on our answer line at 571-32-STYLE (571-327-8953).

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