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Finding the perfect wine pairings using your smartphone.

To the inexperienced (that would be most of us), finding the best wine paring for your favorite food can be a daunting task. If its not a red or white, Merlot or Chardonnay most of us simply do not have the wine knowledge to make the best choice. As you can imagine, many have seen the need for such information and are using many different methods to do so. One of the best was that we have seen is the excellent utilization of the various mobile technologies to provide this content. As our mobile devices are almost always on or near us, using these devices as a distribution mechanization can be a quick, easy, and comprehensive way of finding the best wine pairing regardless of the situation of location. The following mobile apps will enable the most aloof wine drinks to have their own personal wine steward (sommelier) in their pocket.

 Vino Match: Mobile Sommelier (Free & $2.99 WP7)
Vino Match: Mobile Sommelier by Vino Match, Inc is a very robust application for windows phone. It allows you to find the best wine pairing for a multitude of meals including categories for various meat entrees, pastas, appetizers, ethnic dishes, and deserts. Mobile Sommelier even offers the user the ability to take notes on their favorite wines or just wines that they have sampled and to include pictures and geo-location information to the note. While the paid version of the app offers a few more bells and whistles, the free ad-supported version will quench most users’ thirsts.

Hello Vino (Free iOS & Android)

With Hello Vino, you will never have to ask if a wine is good ever again. The powerful application that offers so many features that you might not ever use them all. {Some of the most prominent features include providing wine recommendations based on you’re eating and taste preferences, a large wine database, and the ability to save and remember your favorite (or not so favorite) wines. Hello vino also offers users the unique ability find gift ideas for when you have the need to bring a bottle of wine to your next function? Another hidden feature of Hello Vino is it’s up to date wine reviews to make sure your next bottle of wine will be a great one. With Hello Vino on your Iphone or Android, your chances of buying a wine that you don’t like will significantly decrease.

This application for Blackberry comes from the mind and writings of drink writer Natalie MacLean. Nat Decants features an insane number of food & drink pairings with the current count standing at 380,000. The app also includes thousands of wine reviews, recipes, articles, glossary terms, winery directory and cellar journal. With its quality and multifunctionality, Nat Decants is the primer wine app to have on your Blackberry.



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