Webster Style Spotlight: Pinch & Pull Neckwear

With the plethora of cheap (as in quality) neckwear that permeates the menswear landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality neckwear and accessories at reasonable prices. This is were Pinch & Pull neckwear steps in. Pinch & Pull neckwear was started by Michael Johnson in Denver, Colorado. He began making ties for himself and with the encouragement of others, it has blossomed into a full time effort to make his bow ties available to the throngs of hungry consumers that are searching for quality neckwear. While everything by Pinch & Pull is handmade, Michael states that he is truly not a tailor nor one that is into Haberdashery. He is merely a guy who enjoys bow ties and makes extras to sell. Pinch & Pull’s sewing isn’t always perfect, but the ties always look good.

Checkout the varrying selection of patterns and fabrics that Pinch & Pull neckwear has to offer by visiting them at


1 thought on “Webster Style Spotlight: Pinch & Pull Neckwear”

  1. I have always liked seeing a man with a bowtie. It seems like he is at a higher level of self confident. Not every man is confident enough to wear this style. I applaud the ones that do.


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