Women of Webster: @WizardWorld Philadelphia Comic Con edition

The thought of comics for many conjures up images of Comic Book Guy. A middle aged fanboy with an insane amount of comics knowledge. Our perception of the creators of these comics is not to different. Even with this perception, that fact remains that the comics world is a very male dominated industry. Yet as comics have greatly diversified from just superhero fare in the last few decades, the industry itself has seen more and more female creators step onto the playing field to tell their own stories. While at Wizard World Philadelphia this year we were able to talk to a few ladies who are making their mark in the world of comics.

Enrica Jang

Enrica is the writer/producer of AZTECA, the comic series and motion comic. She is a freelance writer in Cold Spring NY and author of three RSM projects slated for release in 2011. Her short screenplay “The Freshmen” was recently made into a short film, Frienemies (2010). Enrica founded Red Stylo Media, a publishing, promotions and consulting firm, in 2008.

Joi Washington

Joi (AKA ‘Art By Joi’) is a Philadelphia-based Illustrator and Graphic Artist who has featured work with storyboarding for Nike commercials and short films. Her illustrations have portrait and animated quality to show how versatile she is for the right client. Currently, she is freelancing as an illustrator, storyboard artist, and designer for local companies and private clients.

Erica Schultz

Erica Schultz is the writer and co-creator of the original comic book series, M3, along with legendary artist, Vicente Alcazar. Growing up, Erica would steal whatever her older brother came home with from the comic store, and fell in love with such titles as X-Men, Batman and Spider-Man, to name a few. More recently, she’s written a four issue Judo Girl mini series and a Venus & Valkyrie one shot for Bluewater Comics.


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