A quintet of captains steal the show at Wizard World Philly 2012. (@wizardworld)

While the beginning of summer is culturally signaled by Memorial Day, we really know its summer when Wizard World rolls into the loving arms of the city of Philadelphia. This year’s Wizard World comic convention saw record crowds as it hosted all five Star Trek tv captains. William Shatner (Star Trek), Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek TNG), Avery Brooks (Star Trek DS9), Kate Mulgrew ( Star Trek Voyager), and Scott Bakula (Star Trek Enterprise) appeared together for the first time at a convention that also featured comics legends Stan Lee and George Perez, current Avenger and huntsman Chris Helmsworth, WWE straight edge champion CM Punk, and a host of other industry celebrities and creators.

A resounding applause reverberated around the convention hall as the captains made their way out to their designated areas.  Fans waited patently in the lines to meet their favorite captains as the lines plodded along slowly and had fans waiting as long as an hour to meet their idols. Not to be out done, comic legend Stan Lee’s congregation of “True Belivers” was just as excited to see the man who laid the foundation for the Marvel Universe. Yet when it was all said and done, captains, legends, and Norse gods were over shadowed by the “pop” that WWE champion CM Punk received from his loyal followers. As they waited to the straight edge champion to enter, the hall was filled with chants of “CM Punk CM Punk”. As his entrance music hit, the crowd went wild and made the whole hall feel like an episode of Raw or Smackdown.

While the special guests are what may draw many people to the show, it is the people; the creators in artists ally and the attendees (especially the cosplayers) that are really the heart and soul of the convention and really give it its “personality”.  Artists ally featured the likes of comic greats George Perez (Crisis on infinite Earths), Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider Man),  and a host of other mainstream and independent creators selling their books and pages, doing custom commissions, and answering questions from fans. One of the creators that we were able to talk to was current Batgirl  artists and Yume and Ever creator Alitha Martinez.

We also talked to creator Shawn Alleyne about his book Street Team.

In addition to the artists of artist ally, there were many companies that were trying to gain awareness for their various comics and comic related properties. One of the most interesting ones that we found was the series Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice.

The cosplay at Wizard World Philly was top notch as always. Attendees came dressed to the highest degree as their favorite characters from comics, movies, television, and anime. Here are some of our favorites from the show.

Not Cosplay, but the Million Dollar Man was a cool guy.

Another Wizard World Philly has come to a close it was a great show. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year.



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