Webster Style Spotlight: Why Not Boutique

The urban vast urban landscapes that dot the country are in many ways synonymous for a more urban style of dress. The common stereotype of jeans, hoodies, timberlands, and other “street” gear is the prevailing thought of many mind sets. While venturing in the nation’s capital, we stumbled upon one of the many small shops and designers who are fighting to change that perception of what is exactly urban wear. Nestled within the confines of Washington DC’s historic U st corridor you will find designer Larritus Jackson and his Why Not Boutique and collection.

Walking down U st one would never notice the shop were it not for the stylishly dress mannequins that entice passers-by to inquire within. Upon entering, you find a rather quint shop that is filled to the brim will wardrobe offerings from suits to shoes to ties and everything in-between. On this visit we found Larritus in the process of demonstrating the fine art of tying a bow tie to a customer who just purchased one (in addition to other items) from him.  This was definitely a good sign in our book as to how Larritus values not only his product, but also his customer.

We learned quite a few things about Larritus, his shop, his designs, and where he gets the inspiration for his own person style. Larritus started Why Not Boutique after returning from overseas after serving the country as a member of the army. As a style focused individual, he found that he couldn’t find anything that he wanted to wear, so he decided to create his own. The same can be said with the shoes that are found at Why Not Boutique. All of the shoes are based on his own designs.

Affordability, accessibility, and classic style all can be found at Why Not Boutique. Nestled in a historic part of an even more historic city, Why Not Boutique is a hidden gem that every stylish man needs to discover. You can visit Why Not Boutique at 1348 U st, NW in Washington, DC.


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  1. Kenneth Lewis says:

    I stumbled upon your shop by accident on a Sunday. I will have to visit during the week when you are open. Very nice, very different styles, designs, and color combinations that will turn heads with a positive response.



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