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Mobile Productivity: No strings attached pt.1 (Windows Phone)

With every passing year, our phones get smarter and smarter. The specifications for this class of device are keeping pace with laptops and netbooks in many respects by featuring quad core processors, HD screens, insane battery life, and similar features. There advancements often lead many to leave the computer at home and to totally rely on their phone for a majority of their mobile productivity needs. While the multitude of different choices in regards to operating systems (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, &Windows Phone), the way that we are productive can take on many different forms. In order to see how people use them, we are going to examine how some use their devices.

Being productive with Windows Phone

I rarely carry my netbook with me anymore as a result of my extensive use of my HD7 as my primary device while I am on the go. I don’t really use it as a tool for my primary position due to the company issued BlackBerry that resides on my hip. However I use the capabilities of my windows phone heavily in to main aspects of my professional life, as a college professor and as the editor of Webster Style.


Teaching college students can be a daunting task at times. There have been times that I was teaching two to three classes on top of my full time job, and using the phone made it a lot easier to manage it all. The office hub has been used to create and edit tests, quizzes, and other assignments when I’m on the go (trust me this happens a lot). The SkyDrive integration allow me to go back to these documents on any computer anywhere when I need them.

The same holds true for keeping track of grades and class room performance. After years of teaching, I have developed standardized excel spreadsheets for these purposes. Using SkyDrive, I input grades on the device in the moment as I grade papers, presentations, and class work. I use PowerPoint slides to highlight key points in my lecture. When needed, I can make edits to any lecture using my phone as all of my lectures are stored on SkyDrive. The interface and functionality of the Office hub on my HD7 makes all of the above tasks very easy.

Of course students really need to come to class in order to understand that I’m talking about (in most cases), because of that I keep an attendance log for each class using the Class Register app by SoulDesign. It is a newly added piece to my electronic teaching arsenal, but it has become an asset. As a professor in the  21st century, I used a lot of multimedia to keep students interested and engaged both in an out of class. I often times us the Carbon app to update the official twitter (yes I have a class twitter) account for the class with news about various topics and announcements about the class.

Webster Style Magazine

Almost everything that ends up on the site starts life as an entry in OneNote. I use OneNote to create outlines for articles and podcasts. Since I’m on the go a lot, I often use word to draft articles  before I upload them to the site using the WordPress app.  When it comes to getting other content for the site, I make use to the 720p video camera to capture video to use on the site in addition to taking still pictures.

Speaking of the still pics, I use various programs including Fhotoroom, Phototastic, and PhotoFunia to edit and create photos for the site. I update our tumblr feed on the go using the Dashbuddy app. While I have a stand alone voice recorder in my arsenal, I mostly use the Pocket Recorder app on my phone to record in person interviews and other segments for the podcast. This app is really useful as it allows me to edit recorded audio directly on the phone and backs up my files on Skydrive.

All of the Above 

It goes without saying that the phone is heavily used for communication, especially email. The integrated mailbox features of Windows phone allows me to view all work related emails in one place. It really comes in handy that I don’t have to download an app to view my email or toggle between each mailbox to see them. Having all of my email accounts in one joint inbox really saves time when I am multitasking between my duties.

That’s all folks

The mobile revolution is changing the way that we all look at the world of computing and mobile productivity. While I have had some sort of device with PDA functionality on my person since 2001, the current breed of smartphone technology is far and beyond anything that we have seen before. In my opinion, its only a matter of time before we leave the desktop behind.



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