Spring Into Color by @lildivo51

This week’s regression of temps in the seventies may have you feeling that Winter is not quite ready to release us from its grip, but Spring officially arrived on Tuesday, March 20.  What better way to welcome the season that symbolizes new growth and vibrant life than to spice up your closet with some new pieces of clothing in vibrant hues!

Spring brings with it the planting of seeds for summer blooming and the budding of colorful flowers and plants.  Therefore, Spring is the perfect time to invest in some color of your own.  Yellow and Orange are two of the trending colors this season.  Yellow tends to evoke sunshine, warmth, fun, happiness, friendship, hope, optimism, and imagination.  Orange tends to evoke desire, determination, compassion, endurance, and optimism.  I suggest shirts, ties, or thin sweaters in this color.  The best shades of these colors for this season would be pastels.  This palette is softer than the robust standard yellow or orange, but not as bright or intoxicating as the neon or more vibrant hues that summer will introduce.  A great example is Melon.  Melon is a hue between orange and peach.  It is not as loud as one and more subtle than the other.  By the way, Melon is one of the other colors trending for the season.

If you have the fear of being too loud, one of the best ways to balance your outfit is to tone the color down with earth tones.  The solution is found in the revival of the khaki.  More and more men are getting back to sporting khakis to the office, since so many companies have a more relaxed dress code these days, as well as rocking them for a night out on the town.  These come in various shades and offer an alternative to the denim we resort to so often so take your pick of colors and pair them with your new spring top or tie.

For those men who dare to be bold and colorful but don’t want to risk going overboard, Blue is the best anchor hue.  Intertwine your colorful ties against the backdrop of a blue shirt.  Intermingle your colorful shirt with a tie that displays specs of blue, a nice blue suit, or even those trusted blue jeans.  There is a myth that black goes with everything, but various shades of blue can complement almost any color.  You can enjoy playing around with the various shades of blue as you try to match it to the brighter colors you are incorporating.  For the more conservative gentleman, allow your color to stand out as a tie against a crisp white button down.

Oddly, one of the other trending colors of the season is Red.  It is not as soft as the pastels, though you can find various shades in this family, but Spring 2012 is embracing this patriotic color that symbolizes love, passion, masculinity, and courage.  Courageous is exactly what I challenge the adventurous man to be this season.  Anybody can wear a red shirt, tie, or sweater, but I recommend that for this season you invest in a nice red blazer or some red suede shoes and watch how it makes your outfit pop.  I even suggest a pair of blue suede shoes or a pair of tan suede shoes that will reinforce the earth tone color palette.  Suede in the Spring? Yes!!!!!  The temps are not too cold and not too hot.  Spring is the perfect time for suede.  Just pay attention to the weather forecast when it calls for rain.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to accessorize.  Throw a colored messenger bag over your shoulder, find a nice colored jacket, or buy a few pairs of socks in assorted Spring colors.  Beyond the colors highlighted in this article, Spring allows you to unpack any of your pastels or softer shades.  With the return of the green leaves during this time you may even want to experiment throwing various shades of green into your wardrobe.  However you choose to express yourself this Spring season, be bold, be colorful, and be courageous!


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