The Playlist: “Is the dog finally back?” DMX

With the dropping of DMX’s new single this morning, the “Dog” seems to clawing his way back into the forefront of the consciousness of hip hop . His battles with addiction and jail has in many ways derailed what once was a flourishing music and acting career that was has by Mr. Earl Simmons. While gone for a while, we here at Webster Style have never forgotten the energy and ferociousness that DMX’s music brought to rap. This is an energy and ferociousness that has been lacking in the world of music in general. We hope that this time Earl is back for good. Here are some of our favorite DMX songs that are currently on our playlist.

“Get At Me Dog”

The track that introduced most of the world to the man and artist that is DMX. This is a classic that never gets old.

Ruff Ryder’s Anthem

There are really no words to describe how good this song is.


One of the most unique aspects of DMX as an artist is that his music often times explored his light and his dark sides. This is something that rarely happened during the “Shiny Suit Era” of rap. Damien I, II, & III are prime examples of this.


Overtly expressing one’s faith is still a rarity in hip hop, especially when it comes to dedicating whole tracks on an album for prayer. This is one of the qualities that has always impressed us about DMX. Regardless of his trials and tribulations, he always had an understanding of the battle that was being waged inside of him



1 thought on “The Playlist: “Is the dog finally back?” DMX”

  1. DMX was primed to be one of Hip Hops greatest. Success showed its ugly side with him. Hopefully he will gain a bit of redemptionwith this new album. I still bump “Blackout” feat. Lox anmld Jay-Zto this day.


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