Spring’s Premature Dawning Brings the Return of the Pocket Square.

As we progress through life, we realize that nothing ever stays the same. Change is a constant dynamic of every breath we breathe. Recently I changed positions which has led me to take a new daily method to get to and from the job site, the Metro. During that last few weeks, I have noticed that the conservative nature of the DC area is greatly illustrated by the manner of dress that men choose to employ. I have noticed that suits (those that wear them) are either black, navy , or brown. There was little color, style, nor personality to be had. It was just a uniform that was to be worn to one’s occupation.There are some variations but as a whole the suits reflect the outward color of the environment and the often times conservative nature of the region.

That all changed today. As the slated temperature creeped toward 70 degrees F, it was as if a signal went up in the area. The train was filled with style. There was color! There were men taking pride in what they were wearing. I noticed most of all that there were pocket squares galore. It was nice to see and nice to know that when spring is fully sprung, “style” will be all over the place. Please take the following as a token of my exuberance at the return of the pocket square.




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