Is casual Friday really that casual?

The word casual can get many into a neatly woven trap that entices one with a false sense of regularity and individuality that comes from dressing casually in the workplace. The trap is sprung when you walk into work and realize that your definition of casual isn’t quite ready for the daytime spotlight of the workplace. One has to really wonder if casual Friday is really casual. While wearing jeans is acceptable, many workplaces would frown it you paired them with a pair of Air Force Ones and a throwback (yes the reference is a little dated but you get the point). Just because it’s casual Friday, you still have to realize that it’s still all about presentation.

If you want to be perceived as one who is about business, then the first step is to dress like you are ready for business. The challenge of casual Friday is to be comfortable but to still convey a sense of business mindedness to the rest of the world. Replacing “Casual Friday” with “Business Casual Friday” in one’s vocabulary and mind state in the first step in keeping it classy and business focused during casual Friday. Here are a few more suggestions to help with that.

1. Wear a blazer not a suit.
You want to be comfortable but still convey an air of business. This can be done very well by adding a blazer. A blazer can add a different feel and look to your standard pair of jeans. Blazers also allow you to experiment with different textures, fabrics, and colors.

2. Sneakers are not allowed!
Everyone should follow this commandment of casual Friday, “Thou Shall Not Wear Sneakers!” A good loafer, moccasin, or driving shoe will work very well.

3. Button it down!
Wearing a tee shirt (or even a polo in our opinion) should never be considered. Wearing some sort of button down shirt adds a versatility and a look of professionalism that neither a tee shirt nor a polo can offer.

4. Forget the sweats! You are working not working out.
A nice pair of jeans, corduroys, or khakis will work great for casual Friday. Leave the sweats for the gym.

5. Don’t wear a tie!
Does that really need any explanation?



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