Webster Style Spotlight: Winter Essentials

While the waning days of fall seem to feel like the frigid embrace of Jack Frost, the official start of winter is still a few days away. With so many options to choose from, it may be hard to find those accessories that can be vital to a gentleman in cold days and long frigid nights of winter.  As we scoured  the web for our own needs, we found a few quality items that will assist any man in beefing up his winter wardrobe.

Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Scarf – Grey (Maxton Men $32)

Wool is quite a unique fabric as it is breathable. It is great to wear in the summer as it allows heat to escape the body, and great to wear in the winter as it traps heat against the body. A great scarf like this wool Ralph Lauren one from Maxton Men can be a vital accent in protecting oneself from the elements

180s Fleece Ear Warmers – Black (Maxton Men $14)

The biggest battle of the winter is obviously keeping warm. The head is the part of the body where we lose the most heat. A pair of quality ear warmers like these 180 fleece one from Maxton Men will definitely help in keep more body heat to yourself.

Marko John’s for IG Socks ( Image Granted $18)

Lets face it, our ankles need some major love during the winter months. Pairs of good protective socks like the IG socks from Mark Johns are needed to keep the chill out.

Double Breasted Cardigan ( LaVie Clothing $72)

A mastery of the art of layering is a prerequisite when dealing with the rigors of the winter season. A cardigan sweater like the double breasted ones from LaVie Clothing are the first step in layering up for the winter.

Cascadia Lined Natural Deerskin Glove (Sir Jacks $69)

A quality pair of gloves like these Cascadia deerskins lined with fleece from Sir Jacks can make the difference when ensuring that you return from your daily battle with the winter extremities with all of your fingers still intact.

Ben Sherman Plectrum Classic Peacoat (Cladmen $190)

When braving the winter climate, one’s first line of defense has to be a good coat. A good coat like this classic peacoat from Cladmen will help anyone stay warm on even the coldest of winter days.


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