Four things to look forward to now that the NBA lockout is over.

The NBA lockout seems to be over and now threatens to disrupt Christmas dinners everywhere with a monster triple header.  Besides the gluttony of games that the shortened 66 game season will bring us, the end of the lockout will also bring us a few other unintended and welcomed side effects.

1. A Roster Update for NBA 2K12

The best professional basketball video game series has been somewhat hobbled (really we barely noticed) by the lack of “real” rosters that reflect an ongoing season. With actual rosters, expect NBA2K12oholics to pour even more hours into their respective franchise modes.

2. Kris Humphies will no longer be unemployed

Things were going good for Kris. He just had one of the best seasons of his career heading into free agency. He was engaged and then married one of the most well know women on the planet then the bottom fell out. The lockout hit then Kim K got rid of him like a hot potato after only 72 days. He may have come off like a real douche on tv, but you really have to feel for him. At least now he will have something to take his mind off of getting dumped.

3. Kobe vs Jordan: Who’s the greatest ?

Another season brings back the most asked question in modern basketball, “Who’s the greatest, Kobe or Jordan?” While we detest the very thought of the question, we all will get hours of enjoyment watching sports reporters and pundits argue the case over and over again during the course of the season. Break out your popcorn folks, because it will be a fun show to watch.

4. The Lebron Ring Watch

A new NBA season also brings with it the most watched show on tv, “The Lebron Ring Watch.” Will he win his first ring, or will this be another season where he fails to close the deal? More than likely we will all makes plans to watch season 9 on the Lebron Show.



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