Webster Tech Spotlight: Mango, The 4S, & Ice Cream Sandwich

The last couple of weeks have seen a flurry of mobile software related events. Arguably the biggest announcement was that of the now available Iphone 4S. While currently grabbing for market share, Microsoft recently released “Mango”, or Windows Phone 7.5 the update to its Windows Phone 7 devices that were released last year. Not lurking far in the shadows is Google, who debuted Android 4.0. Dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”, it was showcased alongside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S at an event in Hong Kong. With all the advancements that are being made in every mobile platform (sorry RIM you are getting left behind), it can be kind of hard to make a choice. Let’s take look at all three to see what makes them tick.

Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango (WP7)

We reviewed one of the first WP7 phones, the HD 7 last year and thought that it was a capable device with a good operating system, however it (WP7) was lacking in some standard features out of the box like cut and paste. Some of these small omissions were addressed in the 7.1 update that was pushed out earlier in the year, but WP7 still had that unpolished feel. “Mango” in many ways effectively polishes WP7 and turns it into a “Ready for primetime” player in an Apple and Android dominated mobile space. For more details on the full scope of changes that “Mango” brought to WP7, checkout is review by

Iphone 4S

Not to let Mango and Microsoft attempt to steal the spotlight, Apple released its iOS5 and the Iphone 4S. The 4S looks like the Iphone 4, but contains a faster processor (Dual core A5), camera, and its biggest selling point and newest addition; Siri. Siri is a digital assistant that goes well beyond simple voice recognition. Want to find out the weather in Paris? Ask Siri. Want to make an appointment? Tell Siri, she will make it for you. Take in this full video review of the Iphone 4S by

Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”

Not to be outdone by the roll out of the Iphone 4S, iOS5, and Windows Phone Mango, Google announced its newest version of Android. Dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”, Android 4.0 will support both phone and tablets. Checkout this great video from Deadly News with a walk through of the Samsung Nexus Galaxy  running “Ice Cream Sandwich”.


Checkout this great comparison between Windows Phone 7 and the Iphone 4S by the folks at

While Zollotech‘s comparison between the Iphone 4S and Windows Phone 7 yields very interesting results, checkout this comparison of the Iphone 4S and the Droid Bionic by

The Verdict

Well the choice is really up to the buyer. All of the operating systems offer the basic features that many are and have been clamoring for. The only question is ” What flavor would you like?”



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