Grooming Essentials: The Pace 6 by Pace Shave

At the onset of puberty, men are plagued with a variety of changes and changes. Our voice deepen, we start sprouting like trees, but most of all we start growing hair in places we never knew it could grow it. This is when one of the never-ending battles of a man’s life began, the battle with facial hair. In this battle we have many allies, but our most familiar and trusted one is the razor. Razors come in many varieties from electric to no electric to disposable, with blade counts typically ranging from 1 to 4 blades. Recently we came across the Pace 6, a six blade shaving system by Pace Shave and decided to put aside our normal four blade razor to see if the 6 blades of the Pace 6 would give us a closer and better shave. Do the extra blades make a difference? Let us find out.


Upon taking the Pace 6 out of its bubble packaging, we didn’t expect it to have the heft or sturdiness that it had. Nothing about the Pace 6 comes off as cheap. The metal handle coupled with its textured rubber grip allow the Pace 6 to be held with comfort by the user. You will never worry about the razor slipping while using it.

Speaking of the razor, the six blade configuration is a bit unusual. However, the placement of the blades seems poised give the user an adequate (if not close) shave. The trimmer blade found on the back of the razor’s head is in a lower position than comparable products, but seem capable of doing the job. Also located on the head is a lubricating strip of considerable quality.


The six blades of the Pace 6 were not instrumental in making our shave closer (make no mistake it gives a very close shave), but they did make the shave more comfortable. The blades worked in perfect harmony with the lubrication strip to give a very smooth and close shave. One of the key difference that we liked was the lubrication strip. With its composition of aloe, vitamin E, and lavender, it doesn’t leave a slimy residue on the skin as you shave and does a very good job of moisturizing while shaving. Our biggest question mark when first inspecting the Pace 6 was the trimmer edge. This was mostly due to its lower than standard position. After using it, we found that while awkward looking the position of the blade makes it the most effective trimming edge that we have ever used.

Is it Worth the Price?

This is the easiest question to answer… YES!!!!  Considering that replacement cartridges for similar razors can cost $8-$10 for a pack of 4, the current Pace 6 combo of the razor (w/ one extra cartridges) and two packs (4 cartridges per pack)  of  cartridges for $10.50 is well worth that price and more.

Final Verdict

From its sleek and sturdy design, to its close and smooth shave, and its reasonable price, the Pace 6 excelled on every level. Its quality made so much of an impact on us that our previous razor just happened to find its way to the bottom of the wastebasket.  The Pace 6 has officially become our razor of choice.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pace 6 and other models in the line be sure to visit or follow them on twitter @paceshave.


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