Stepping up & out with your shoe game.

Have you ever wondered why so many ladies are obsessed with and have closets full of shoes? That’s because they know that the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. No one is saying that any man should aspire to be the male equivalent of Imelda Marcos or Carrie Bradshaw, but having a well stocked shoe arsenal can make the difference between a good look, and a killer look. While this isn’t the end all be all of options, check out these shoes to gain some inspiration for stepping up your shoe game so that you can step out and look your best.

The Lace Up

The lace up is a tried and true fall back when looking to have a business appearance. A clean black lace up with no toe cap or decorative flair can add a sleek modern look to any suit. Lace ups are the must have shoe for any formal look.

The Loafer

Loafing around takes on a whole new meaning when fashioning a pair of loafer. With their easy on and off design, loafers have been mostly confined to causal or business casual looks. With the proliferation of more and more designer making dress loafers, the loafer can now be seen complimenting many business and corporate looks. Casual loafers (like driving moccasins) are great with a relaxed look, especially with jeans. Even with the increased versatility of the loafer, one should stay away from them when putting together a formal look.

While the above are just generalizations, the specifics of style, color, and texture can make a huge impact in the appropriateness of the shoe just as they can with the rest of your style. Check out a few of these different styles to  come up with your own ideas.



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