The Playlist: Muhsinah & Julie C

One of the best things about the internet (besides twitter and netflix) is that you can literally stumble upon good quality music and artist when you least expected. This is the case with Muhsinah and Julie C, two musically gifted yet very different artist.


Muhsinah: photo by Tamar Nussbacher (

Muhsinah is a Grammy nominated artist that hails from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. We stumble upon her checking our twitter feed. Through a retweet we found that she was promoting the free download of her EP Gone. Of course with it being free it was downloaded instantly. Upon listening to Gone, we found an extremely talented writer, producer, and singer with the uncanny ability to intertwine hypnotic melodies, poetic lyrics, and soulfulness into each and every song. Standout songs from the Gone ep include Stop & Go and Down to 1.

Juile C

We found the MC know as Julie C while searching for a new phone app (yes you read that correctly). After releasing her debut EP Sliding Scale in May as a digital download, she turned around and re-released it as a phone app in June (Genius!). However impressed we were with the app, it was her lyrical ability that really impressed us. Hailing from Seattle, Julie C is an activist for what’s good about hip hop and this fact is constantly displayed in her music. Her delivery is fast and ferocious yet lyrically poetic. Standout songs include On My Toes and Hellfire.



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