Women of Webster: Traveling with Jazzy Jonez

Jazzy Jonez is a daughter and an aunt. She’s a Jill of all trades pursuing her passion in travel, events, and culinary. She empowers those who she comes into contact with by providing ways to improve their quality of life by putting together fabulous events, planning exotic travel itineraries and sharing her love of succulent foods.

1. In your own words who is Jazzy Jones?

I am a deaf lioness with a roar. I’m extremely loyal to a fault. My friends are really important to me. I love putting together dinner parties, (although it has been a while since I’ve done that) In my spare time I enjoy basking in the sun, checking out local festivals, and wineries. I work hard, I play hard, and I love to laugh, all while sipping on a glass of vino.

2. What drives you to be successful?

Just knowing that my life is destined to be great. I’m deserving of much more than I already have.

3. Finish this sentence “In five years I will be…”

Running my own events and catering company with my best friend. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll living abroad in another country or island for an extended time.

4. What makes you smile?

A warm and sunny day.Sand on my toes. An unexpected note from a friend. Hug from my nieces & nephews. A really amazing glass of wine. A succulent meal. Money in the bank. Quality time with those are dear to me.

5. What destination is your most desired travel spot?

That’s easy. Tahiti.

6. Do you think chivalry is dead?

Absolutely not. My dad practice chivalry daily towards my mom & sisters. However I always do finding myself surprised when other random guys display chivalry toward me because guys in my generation don’t show much chivalry. Those that do, score major bonus points with me.

7. If you could do or be anything, what would it be and why?

A mind reader. That would solve a lot of problems.

8. What qualities do you expect a Webster Man to have or demonstrate?

He needs to be protective. Loyal, Communicative, Driven, and about that chivalry!

9. What is one secret about women that you think all men should know?

When it comes to me… there are no secrets.

For more with Jazzy Jones, check out her blog Travel Jonez or follow her on Twitter @TravelJonez



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