Accessory Row: The Tie Snug

In a man’s quest to remain stylish, accessories are often used to accent and highlight that individual style. When one thinks of accessories, the classic accents such as the tie tack, tie clip, and cufflinks all spring forth to one’s mind. We were recently introduced to a new product called the Tie Snug. The tie snug is in many ways a simple solution to a problem of tie slippage that many men have throughout the day. Does it work? Is it any good? Keep reading and find out our take on the Tie Snug.


The Tie Snug is made from sterling silver. The materials and construction allows the Tie Snug to feel durable and sturdy in one’s hand. This sense of durability gives the user the understanding that this is a quality accessory, and one that won’t break during use.

How it works

The Tie Snug is very easy to use. In its essence it is a uniquely designed pin which is affixed to the small portion of one’s tie at the base of the knot.


The Tie Snug works, and it works really well. We never noticed that my tie even slipped during the course of the day. After using the Tie Snug for only a few hours, we immediately notice the difference. In a day filled with back to back meetings, endless travel, and four hour lectures, the Tie Snug never faltered. Our tie remained snug all day long.

Is it worth the price?

At a retail price of $29.95, the cheapskate in us all may ask the question, “You want $30 for what?” However we find that for just $30, you get a well made product that has the durability to last for years to come in a man’s wardrobe. Thus making it well worth it and a steal for the price.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we absolutely like the Tie Snug. We find it to be a durable accessory that solves a very common problem all men deal with. It is worth the price and is something that every man should have in their collection.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tie Snug or purchasing one, be sure to visit or follow them on twitter @tiesnug. If you are interested in purchasing the tie snug, enter “Websterstylemag” at checkout to get $5 off your purchase. The deal ends July 12th.


2 thoughts on “Accessory Row: The Tie Snug”

    1. Dave I believe that since post was published some years ago the company may be out of business. I believe that there maybe some reseller out there but you will have to search online for them.


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