Summer Style: The All White Affair

The sizzling heat of summer often times presents even the most stylish man with an interesting dilemma, being stylish or being comfortable. Many of the standard pieces that many men have in their wardrobe are usually darker in color. Blacks, dark browns, and navies are usually prerequisites for building a functional and stylish wardrobe. Unfortunately these darker colors are often times uncomfortable to wear in the summer heat as they absorb the sun’s rays, thus increasing one’s personal temperature. So the question becomes “How does one remain stylish and comfortable?” There is actually an easy question to answer, wear white! The color white reflects the sun’s rays, allowing one to stay cooler in the blistering heat. It’s the perfect time for find those perfect pieces for your own “All White Affair”.

The Blazer

A quintessential item to have in your collection is a white blazer. You want to have something that is versatile and durable to fully get the maximum benefit from it. You also want to choose a lighter fabric, so a linen or seersucker blazer will work best. Picking a blazer such as this will allow you to dress it up for the boardroom or dress it down for a night out on the town.

The Pants

A pair of white chinos or khakis can be very useful for adding a semi casual flair to your white blazer and to your wardrobe as well. By not being a heavy as a pair of jeans, these pants often times allows more air circulation ensuring you to be a tad cooler on a hot summer day. A quality pair of chinos or khakis can remain in your wardrobe for years with proper care. Ensuring that you get a hefty return on your investment.

The Shoes

Shoes are an essential to pulling off any look. The wrong pair of shoes can totally throw off the look that you were going for. A simple white loafer can add a sleek sophistication to your outfit than a more complex shoe.

The Shades
With the multitude of different type of sunglasses, it can be quite a difficult task to find the perfect ones for you, let alone for your outfit. When in doubt, try a pair of aviators. They can compliment a variety of outfits.



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