Is she the one?

As the days of June begin to spring forth, we enter what is commonly know as wedding season. It seems like if you are going to get married or know someone who is getting married the prime time for doing so is between the beginning of June to the end of October. During this season, we tend to focus on the wedding day, and not the real substance of what the day means. Getting to that day can be especially difficult. Not because of the trials and tribulations that can come with any intimate relationship of that nature, but with the difficulty that comes in realizing that she is the “one” with the multitude of options in woman that most men have. Admitting to oneself that she is the “one” can be a scary and soul stirring moment that can shake any man to his core. While we can’t tell you if she is the “one”, we sat down with some of our married contributors to get some insight as to how they knew she was the one.


For me it was more about denial. I met the woman who would become my wife at the most inopportune time. I was dating. Not too far removed from a very long term relationship and the last thing that I needed or wanted was a new romantic interest in my life, and yet she popped up any way. As we grew closer, I started to have the inkling that she was the one, but I was hesitant as I had similar notions  in the past.Even with this hesitation,  I knew she was the one fairly early on in our relationship. If there was any one thing that made me realized this, it was that fact that she got me. She instinctively understood my major motivations and trials in life before I even explained them to her. I have been in relationships before, but no woman had ever been able to just know me like that. It was like a breath of fresh air. That is when I knew that she was the one. 3 years and 9 months later, I love her more than the day that I married her.


Well for me, it just happened. When I met my wife wasn’t sure yet because it was too good to be true. We didn’t finish each others’ sentences but it seems like we think alike thus if you know us at one point in time or another you will hear us say ‘get out of my head!’.  From the start I knew that I was going to have to work to keep her around because I wasn’t meeting anyone that got to me like she did.  After we were together for a year and I still felt like I did on day one, I knew that this was it.I still feel that this is too good to be true. She can cook, she looks and smells good, she has no problems getting involved in hobbies that would run most women off (comics and football) and most of all she has from the beginning, been easy going.  I would have been an idiot for not staying because she also took a vested interest in me and pushed me along into things that others only nudged me to do and for this, I am thankful.


I knew she was the one when I saw that I could be myself around her.  That In itself is so rare nowadays, where many expect  a man to put on a certain air, even if that’s not really who he is.  Everyone talks about all of these lofty requirements that are necessary to be together, but lists don’t matter if you fundamentally cannot accept a person for who they are. Instead of being consumed with the trappings of looking like you have it all and having acceptable interests, it was safe for me to be into gadgets and gaming. Once I knew that I could act like myself and not “get into character” I knew that this was the woman I need to be with. And 8 years later, I still feel the same way.

To Be Continued…..

2 thoughts on “Is she the one?”

  1. Great blog and one that a lot of brothers(single and married) need to read. Speaking for the single ones, sometimes we get too wrapped up in looks or what she can do instead of focusing on what she’s about and how a happy relationship can be worked on together. Thanks for sharing and I pray God continues to bless your marriages.


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