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Style is just an App away.

The modern saying goes “There’s an app for that.” If you own a smartphone, you know that this is essentially a true statement. Just as we spotlighted the How to Tie a Necktie app for Android a few months ago, we continue to see more and more applications being created that have an interesting way of impacting one’s personal style. Just as style transcends every culture, style apps transcend every operating system. Take a look at a few of the options below. You never know, you find one that suits your style needs.

Smart Wardrobe(WP7)

Smart Wardrobe features detailed video with step by step instruction about how to tie various tie knots, but the fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to those tidbits of knowledge, the app also give information the history of each knot, what color of tie to wear in various situations, and basic rule on how to wear your tie. The app also includes information on different ways to lace your shoes and offer a ring size conversion system. Check it out on Zune Marketplace for just $0.99.

Dress Pal(WP7)

Don’t let the name fool you, this app is not about dresses. The app is a wardrobe cataloger which allows your to take pictures of your favorite piece.with it you can build your wardrobe by storing each dress item with its photo, description and category. It also gives you the ability to remember your outfit by a particular date, event and the person you are meeting. Now you can buy that perfect shirt that matches the picture of the slacks that you already have. Check it out on Zune Marketplace for just $0.99.

MyCloset (Android)

Very similar to the aforementioned Dress Pal, MyCloset allows you to manage photographs and information about the clothes you own. It also allows you to coordinate and record your daily outfits.Check it out on Android Marketplace for just $0.00 (yes that’s free).

Manscaping-A Complete Guide (Android)

Proper grooming is an essential for any man’s style. This grooming app teaches you everything you need to know you need to know do be a well-groomed man. Check it out on Android Marketplace for just $4.99.

Gap StyleMixer (IOS)

It is described as where fashion meets inspiration.The app allows you to explore the hottest styles in Gap’s Lookbook and to check out corresponding videos. You can also define your style with outfit mixers and more in the MyStyle section. Check out this app in Apple’s App Store for $0.00.

David Gandy Style Guide for Men (IOS)

This app is described as an enlightening and essential guide to Men’s Styling from the UK’s most successful male model. Within the app, users will find tips and suggestions for must have pieces and for general style information. Check out this app in Apple’s App Store for $3.99.

Check out these style apps. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, let us know.



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