Mjolnir smites the forces of evil and the Box Office as well: Thor movie review

“My God has a Hammer…and a movie!”
As always, it’s hard writing a review for a comic book movie from a comic fan perspective so the better road to follow is to take this from a movie watcher perspective and talk about the goodness that is Thor.
This is the 1st of four super hero movies slated to come this summer season and trust me when I say that May 6th starts off with a bang to the summer season. To be honest, from the screen shots that I saw last year to the finished product that I saw at last night’s screening I went from skeptical to sold. I felt as excited seeing Thor as I was with the first Iron Man movie. It seems that the heads at Marvel and Paramount really did their homework and manage to again create something that could satisfy casual movie goers as well as comic book fans with yet another comic character come to life.
Thor tells the story of the young arrogant titular character who is about to be made king of Asgard. However, he disobeys his father, Odin’s orders and nearly provokes a war with their enemies to which they have a fragile peace. Odin then banishes Thor to Earth until Thor proves himself worthy enough to return.
Within the first 45 minutes, you get a nice setup to the story, you get some pretty well done CGI of Asgard, some massive action scenes, and some humor. Director Kenneth Branagh (who some of you may remember as Professor Lockhart from Harry Potter fame) did a good job giving fans a good origin story of Thor and how this movie will ultimately tie into the Avengers movie (which was not so subtly hinted in the credits) coming next year.
Chris Hemsworth did an excellent job as Thor, Anthony Hopkins was, well Anthony Hopkins and as always on top of his game as Odin. Tom Hiddleston really played Loki. Just when you started to feel for him,  he finds a way to play you. Natalie Portman and the rest of the cast really filled this movie out. Speaking of filling out, people may give a few complaints about Volstagg because Ray Stevenson didn’t have Volstagg’s girth BUT he played the part nonetheless of a god who loves to eat…and eat…and eat. Quite frankly, I am glad they didn’t go with a super exaggerated fat suit or CGI trick to really express Volstagg’s girth.  Some may be a bit disappointed because more Asgardians didn’t make an appearance such as Hela, the Valkyries or Baldur, but we must remember that this movie is the setup to which I mentioned earlier and if this sells like I think it will, we are almost guaranteed a part 2 (which from what I read has already been discussed) which will probably address any characters not seen in this movie as well as any loose ends…
While I really don’t have any minuses with the story itself, the only minus I may have is the 3D.  It wasn’t bad nor was it distracting. This wasn’t a movie that got saddled down so much with CG effects that 3D SFX was the star or used as an excuse to make this movie. The 3D did enhance a lot of effects and to a point made you forget that you were watching this in 3D. Some of this issues I had came in some of the fight scenes where there was so much going on that it was hard to focus on all of the action particularly early on in the movie. To the point, it’s not a necessity to see this in 3D. I think Thor can sell just as well without 3D as well as it does in 3D. But at least it’s done on a level of believability unlike Clash of the Titans.
All in all, it was a good movie which I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in seeing what the hype was about. You get action, humor, of course some romance between Thor and one of the female leads. And of course there are the cameos. Who? See for yourself! So I was satisfied all the way around. Some of the people I spoke with after the screening all agreed that Thor is setting the bar high for comic movies that are coming out this summer and with 3 more to go; only time will tell. And lastly, for those wondering, no…It’s not better than The Dark Knight.

A scale of 1 to 10, a very strong 8.5


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