The Classic Casual Look

I had a close friend send me a request about addressing how to dress down. He basically wears suits everyday and wants to know how to approach his casual wardrobe. Well here is my short and sweet version of the classic casual look 8 tips you need.

A quality fitted denim jean
Not skin tight by any means but something that says grown man
Sports jackets
So multi-functional can be wore with jean, khakis, or slacks in our case we are looking at jeans.
The button down collar shirt
Classic in approach yet versatile enough to pull off with jeans and sports jacket, you can buy them in an array of colors blue, red, green, and the classic white.
Driving moccasin loafers
In caramel or chocolate brown and Black make sure you have a belt to compliment each color.
They are a happy medium between in casual dress game, sweater vest, half-zips, and v-necks crew necks are okay but not really in. I suggest bright and vivid colors something to show your personality.

Crew collar jackets are big again, also military themed jackets (not the ones with bars, stripes, and ranks on them horrible!!) buy them to fit as well.
For the fall, winter season, once the weather where you live gets below 60 you can qualify to wear a scarf keep in mind that there are other materials besides wool that can be worn (silk and cotton if you want something light) however if your a beginner I suggest that you master your look before you attack this one.

Hats are consistent when it comes to the stylish male. It doesn’t matter if its a Newsboy cap, fedora, or dobb please make sure that the hat matches the season (straw-summer, felt-fall/winter, wool-winter)

These tips will keep you prepared for everything from dinner with the wife/girlfriend to a night out the town with the fellas. If your traveling on business keep slacks with you it will help you to pack light and make you clothes multi-functional.

Take care,

@S_Stephens2 aka The Classic Style Guy


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  1. I would like to admit your entire articles are of great helpsince they bestowwonderful guidances.Wishing u all the best for your upcoming writings and hope they too will help me like this one.And yes i have book mark your site .


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