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The Webster Man: A Conversation with KAS

There are times when you meet people and you just know that they are as genuine and humble as they seem to be. This is exactly what I felt when I first met Mr. Kenneth Flanagan at the Northern Virginia Fashion Week last year. As I sat and watched the presentation of his collection, I was impressed. Not just with  the clothes, but with the man himself. Throughout the show, his humility consistently showed as his focus was on the welfare of his models and his family.

We traveled to The House of KAS, his shop located at the National Harbor on a rainy spring day to talk with the man behind a fashion revolution that is poised to take the world by storm. Even with his many accolades and accomplishments, KAS remains a humble and driven man who is focused on success, but is determined to not let that success dictate the type of man that he is supposed to be. Check out the video below for our conversation with KAS.

Picture from the 2011 KCI Collection

For more on the KAS collection check out the official website or check them out on Facebook.



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