Webster Tech: Tablet Wars & Ipad 2 Impressions

Two thousand ten, after years of being a niche market the Ipad turned the tablet computer market into a major player in the personal computing world overnight. As expected many others have gotten into the ring with tablets of their own. Major players who have recently entering the tablet market include Motorola with their Xoom tablet, (10.1″ screen, Android 3.0, 1Ghz Dual core Tegra 2 processor), Samsung with its Galaxy tablet (7″ screen, Android 2.2, 1Ghz processor) and Dell with its Streak tablet ( 7″, Android 2.2, 1 Ghz Tegra 2 processor). This is in addition to announced tablets from HTC, HP, and RIM, as well as many knockoff android and windows tablets that can be imported from China.

As every other company plays catch up to the Ipad, Apple kindly took the time to let the rest of the industry know that they still have a lot of catching up to do with the recent release of the Ipad 2. Sporting an updated operating system, a slimmer and faster design, plus front and rear facing cameras, Apple has again set the standard for what a tablet computer should be.

After standing in line to show his devotion to “Lord Jobs”, our resident techie DreddedDeuce sat down to unbox the iPad 2. Check out his brief overview.



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