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Valentine’s Day shouldn’t come just around once a year.

Personally I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong I totally agree with the concept of the day, to show the person that you love that well you love them. My problem is with the fact that it’s only one day. By focusing on only one day, the whole notion of doing something for someone because you love and cherish them is kind of cheapened, tarnished, and turned into some huge marketing campaign (at least in my mind).

Don’t get me wrong, I will be partaking in the festivities of February 14th, but it will be just one of many days in which I do something extra special for her. Valentine’s Day should come around many times a year in your relationship. It’s not about spending insane amounts of money on flowers, a fancy dinner, a sparkly new ring, it’s about making the ordinary extraordinary and showing that they are the center of your world. Here are some easy tips to make any day that you want into your own Valentine’s Day.


Now I know this sounds cliché, but I have never met a woman who didn’t like getting flowers. The key is knowing what type of flowers she loves, likes, and can’t stand. After you have this information they you can proceed with the deed. Buying flowers shouldn’t just happen on a special day; they should also be purchased randomly just to show that you care. Also having flowers delivered to her job for no reason what so ever is a great way to put a smile on her face and to show her that Valentine’s Day doesn’t just happen in February.

Date Night

As you get into a steady relationship, many of the luxuries of the courtship tend to fall by the wayside as the real work of the relationship now a fact of everyday life. Even something like “date night” can become boring and stale. Here are a couple of ideas to liven up your date night:

  • Make it an event! Plan out your evening before hand. Planning in out allows you to add special touches to make it special. Create an invitation and send it to her in the mail. Things like that will make dinner and a movie just much more special.
  • Dress it up! Even if it’s just your standard date night, show up at her door dressed better than usual (I’m always in favor of jacket and tie). Your significant other will be presently surprised.
  • Be creative! Use date night (or any other time) to try new experiences. Instead of dinner and a movie, try surprising her with a home cook candlelight dinner or and impromptu picnic in the park (weather permitting of course). Use your creativity to create a new, different, and special experience for her.

Those are but a few tips and tactics to bring Valentine’s Day to your significant other throughout the year. However don’t forget the why of what you’re doing. Making her feel special should be your number one goal.



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