Webster Style: Cutting the cord

The most interesting aspect of our lives is that many of us are systematically living out our lives online. Our digital lifestyle allow us to do everything from ordering groceries to finding a mate. As a consequence many are chained to their keyboards and mouse, essentially missing out on what the outside world has to offer.

The question remains “Can one live an active digital lifestyle without being chained to a computer?” For a week, I sought to find out if I could effectively live on the web while not being on a computer using two distinct devices: my HD7 and my Android tablet.


Via Tech Radar

Since I’m on vacation work was the last thing on my mind, yet sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to keep things running smoothly. In the course of doing business, I gravitated to my HD7 to handle the bulk of my email correspondence. I found that the interface and speed of the HD7 made reading and responding to emails lightening face and accurate.

The HD7 also provided me with the best option for editing documents on the fly. However some of my documents were located on a flash drive. This allowed me to use the tablet to transfer the files from the drive to the phone through email.

Household Operations

During my time off a very special (and dreaded) day happened. That day known as pay day or better known as pay the bills day in my household. I used my bank’s app on my HD7 to quickly check my account and then pay my already setup bills through said app. For other bills, I was quickly able to pay them using the HD7’s functioning web browser. I also used the tablet to check over my monthly budget spreadsheet.


Apps like Pulse make web surfing a breeze on the tablet

Web Surfing:

I actually found myself reaching for the tablet over the HD7 when it came to basic web surfing. Both are excellent when it come to web surfing, with the HD7 being the speedier of the two by design. However, I kept coming back to the tablet because of its larger screen.


Browsing my instant queue

Both the phone and the tablet have excellent video playback via youtube and other internet video sites (this is especially amazing because neither device supports flash), however the HD7 was my go to video watching device because of one word: NETFLIX! I was able browse, add, and watching movies and television show on the fly. The picture was crystal clear with no lag even using Tmobile’s 3G network.


Even though I installed  an  e reader app on the HD7, it really can’t compare to the versatility of the tablet. With the Aldiko, Android Comic Viewer, and the Manga Watch Apps, I had all the reading material that I could ever want.

As you can see by the video above, the tablet isn’t the fastest on the market but it sure gets the job done.


This is where I yearned for my netbook. Both the HD7 and the android tablet have wordpress apps for blogging, but I found the interface and ease of used to be light years behind that of a normal computer. Both would be fine for light blogging, but not for anything heavy posting.


When it all came down to it I enjoyed my time away from the computer, but I thoroughly missed it. I was able to do most of my basic needs (including social networking) between the two devices, but there was a part of me that still hungered for the standard keyboard/mouse interface. Maybe if I had more time to prepare myself and my devices for an adventure without my netbook, then maybe just maybe I wouldn’t have missed my netbook at all.



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