The Playlist: Ladies 1st: Female MCs you should know

Ask you have already notice, we here at Webster Style Magazine have an affinity for hip hop, especially good hip hop. The most interesting aspect of the music industry, especially hip hop is that it is very much a male dominated industry. This is especially interesting because many of the biggest artist of all time are women. Arguably the reigning queen of hip hop right now is Nicki Minaj, however there are many versatile and lyrically gifted female MCs out there that are battling for their turn in the spotlight.

Kellee Maize

Picture by Laura Petrilla/

We stumbled upon Kellee Maize about a year ago on a Baltimore Club music blog and we were presently surprised by what we found. You can’t help but listen to her and think that she is well different… different in a very good way that is. Lyrically is can stand toe to toe with some of the best of them, but her lyrics transcends all of her contemporaries… literally. Within her rhymes you will find no mention of how bad a chick she is, how well she buts it down in bed, or anything of that line of thinking. What you will find is a woman who looks for inner peace and spiritual enlightenment and conveys that you her listeners.

Download her album “Aligned Archetype” at her website or on Amazon

Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product is a force of nature! From a male point of view, the hardest thing for female MCs is finding the balance between being “hard” and being feminine. This is a skill that Snow Tha Product has mastered. Lyrically she is ferocious. She has a flow that can rap rings around any many of her male counterparts. In addition to her lyrical structure, she can effortlessly go from Spanish to English in the course of her delivery. This is not an uncommon thing with many MCs of Latin decent, but she does it so well that even non Spanish speakers can still understand and follow the mental pictures that she is painting with her rhymes. This is very evident on the song “Mami Go” from her mixtape Runup or Shutup. Check out her mixtape or check our her weekly show on Ustream show at

Nola Darling

Alex and Jaq of Nola Darling are like a breath of fresh air. Their lyrical style is like if you put Salt-n-Pepa, MC Lyte, and Patra in a blender, extracted the DNA and cloned a rap group that could sing. Nola Darling songs are dosed with images of love, life, and the reality of being a woman all over a mixture of Reggae, R&B, and hip hop. Not convince yet? Need more convincing? Check out their Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape or check them out at

Azia Star

Our girl Azia Star is still on her grind. While we are still waiting for her to drop her debut mixtape Girls Night Out, she has been busy getting her remix game on. Check out her most recent remixes of Rihana’s “Only Girl” and Drake’s “Shut it down” in addition to all of her other remixes here.


9 thoughts on “The Playlist: Ladies 1st: Female MCs you should know”

  1. never heard of these chiks except for kellee maize but wow, lots of talent!

    never new a pretty girl could act so hard (snow) – def like


  2. So awesome to see our Pittsburgh rappers represented, and props to all the female MCs. Strangely I’m really drawn to Kellee Maize, you don’t really see a lot of white female rappers out there. Gettt itt!


    1. I agree, not a lot of white female rappers out there! And the ones who have graced the scene I think were so busy trying to be what mainstream wanted that they may have lost sight of self. That is highly important to retain!!!! So go Kellee, stay you! 🙂


  3. I’ve read on more than one blog that Nicki Minaj is arguably the female queen of hip hop at the moment. Does anyone know if Kellee would be able to collaborate with Minaj? I mean Minaj should be able to understand that the world of hip-hop is a male dominated industry and help a fellow sister out. Just food for thought.


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