Webster Style: 5 Things Every Man Needs w/ The Black Couple

One of the greatest things about style is that it gives us a way to express our individual tastes and personalities through the clothes that we wear. Each individual brings their own unique perspective on that which  is needed and which is not. Thus bringing us to the first in our ongoing series “5 Things Every Man Needs”. The first entrants to weigh in are none other that Kelli and Derrick aka The Black Couple.


  • Suit: You never know when you have to go to a Nation of Islam service.
  • Dress Shoes: Just in case you have to go to court, it looks MUCH better than sneakers.
  • Crisp pair of jeans-You can wear them everywhere! Take em from church, to the club, to the sports game!
  • Nice Casual Shirt: Going to a funeral in a white tee is plain disrespectful.
  • A Nice Tie: Good object for tying your girl’s arms doing foreplay…


  • Tie: A real man has a tie in his closet! I cannot stand a man who doesn’t know when to wear a tie.
  • Tuxedo: A real MAN has married friends or friends about to get married, so he needs a tuxedo!
  • Khaki’s: Grow up! Khaki’s make you look grown up and casual.
  • A Belt: Please! Pulling your pants up every five seconds is SO unattractive!
  • A Pair of White Tennis Shoes/Sneakers: A man, who knows how to keep a white pair of sneakers clean, is a man I can be with! It’s not cute to have dirty sneakers unless you’re going to play basketball or football.
  • Cuff links! I love cuff links! They’re the epitome of a man with class (or at least a man pretending to have it…)!



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