Webster Style: Fall Back with Style

The air is crisp, the leaves are beginning to change, and visions of Jack O Lanterns and turkeys are running us down in our rear view mirrors. That’s right folks, its Fall (autumn)! The time of year when we banish our shorts, t shirts, and polos to the nether regions of our closest and we embrace a warmer style of garments. Style for the fall is not as cumbersome as one might think. Here are a few picks that you might consider for your Fall wardrobe.

1. Corduroys

Image of corduroys many times brings back memories from our youth when our mothers proceeded to buy and make us wear the thickest corduroys that she could find. They then made that awful sound when ever you walked. The nightmare induced memories of our youth pale in comparison to the varying style of corduroys that we have to choose from today.

via manolomen

When it comes to corduroys,try dabbling with slacks and blazers. Those may be your best bet in finding what works for you (I’m not a big fan of corduroy shirts). In slacks, choose ones with narrower wales (wales are the “cords”). This can give you more of a casual/relaxed look for play, but they can still be dressed up for work. When choosing a corduroy blazer, look for one with medium-sized wales. This will give you a great for that night out on the town with your significant other.

2. Sweaters

The cool autumn air may be a bit unbearable to go without some sort of protection from the chill. Yet it may not be quite cold enough to don your favorite jacket. This is a perfect excuse to get your sweater game on. While a full sweater may not be your fancy, try wearing a sweater vest. The sweater vest is a versatile garment that can be worn to compliment anything from a suit to sneaker and jeans.

Dbl Breasted Cardigan via Lavie Clothing Company

If you need a bit more than a vest, check out the cardigan sweater. The cardigan gets its name from James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British military commander and is a type of sweater  that ties, buttons or zips down the front. It too is versatile and can be worn with a multitude of outfits.

3. The Worsted Wool Blazer

The importance of have a versatile is paramount. The more type of outfits that you are able to putt off with you wardrobe, the more value you get out of your clothing. A worsted wool blazer can provide you with the personalized style that you require, but it can also provide you with the essentials that you need to survive a brisk Fall evening. Try sticking with solid colors, with navy and black being our top choices.


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