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Webster Style: Sid Meier’s Civilization V Review

Where do I begin with Sid Meier’s Civilization V? In comparison to Civilization IV there have been some major changes, but unlike some reviewers that given Civilization V one star for the changes, I personally welcome them. I do like that now you have city states that act as allies and I do like the hexes instead of the squares as I think they lend more to strategic movement. There was one reviewer who complained about not being able to take cities with his armies due to city defenses. Has he ever considered having a strategy in mind? This is what I like about the departure from unit stacking. Now you have to plan ahead before you take a city. If you aren’t willing to do some bombarding of your own and work for the kill then your end result will be frustration and disappointment.
I am also happy with the fact that this game runs on a boot camped Macbook Pro (late 2009 model) with Windows 7 and even with details on low to medium it’s crisp and runs pretty well. I also plan on installing it to my desktop PC running a GeForce 9800GT video card, which is hooked up to my HDTV. I am, however not all the crazy about the Steam account, but I guess whatever works. As to the game itself again, the interface to me is much cleaner to deal with, however I do wish the mouse controls could be a bit tighter as sometimes I have to fight a bit with my mouse to have it exactly where I want it on the map. Also, I kind of miss the option for changing religions. However, I do like how when you unlock State Policies, there are also sub policies that you can add within. And you do it by spending ‘culture points’ in its own tree.
The game is still deep in places where you need it to be. There is a fair bit of planning that you have to do in order to get your empire to grow. You also have to make allies who can help you so that way you won’t feel like that you are doing all of the heavy lifting. You can now buy land to force border expansion instead of waiting for something that may take many turns to do.
Outside of that, save and save often. I didn’t realize that this game would crash so much. I was 3hrs in last night when the game crashed and when I went to go load it, I realized that I didn’t see the autosave and since it was time to go to bed, I have to wait til later today to get home and try again.

So, Firaxis, patch this game as soon as possible! It’s kind of bad that there are 20+ reviews on Amazon already and the complaints are either Steam related or crash related!

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