Women of Webster: MsAfropolitan

Minna Salami aka MsAfropolitan is a hyphenated freelance writer-blogger-social media consultant-marketing manager-dancer-model-project manager and founder of the blog MsAfropolitan. Minna was born in Finland, grew up in Nigeria and studied in Sweden. She has also lived and worked in Spain and New York. MsAfropolitan currently spends her time between  London and Lagos.

1. In your own words who is MsAfropolitan?

MsAfropolitan is my alias, and also a brand that aims to be a source for empowerment, analysis and celebration of the African Diaspora woman and her multifarious journey towards global impact.

2. What drives you to be successful?

My motivation comes from knowing that if as an African woman I don’t define myself, then someone else will do it for me and so far I’ve not been happy with the definitions the world has given us.

3. Finish this sentence “In five years I will be…”

I believe that African women have a huge role to play in global economics, politics, and social life and I want MsAfropolitan to contribute to this movement. Wherever this journey takes me, I am ready to go.

4. What makes you smile?

Lucidity. People, art, music, organizations, causes etc., that are mentally sound and clear. Children and babies also always manage to make you smile!

5. Do you think chivalry is dead?

I actually prefer compassion to chivalry. If a man should like to help me
put my coat on he may do so out of kindness and not because as a woman I might be incapable of dressing myself, you see (laughing).

6. Do you see any differences in the sensibility between the men of
Great Britain and those of the United States?

This sounds simple, but basically, there is a difference between good men and bad men. Good and bad referring to a set of values that a woman might define as beneficial or destructive in a relationship. In that respect a good man is equally charming whether he is American or

7. What qualities do you expect a Webster Man to have or

In a relationship? It’s a blessing if a man can be someone who consciously supports the goals of his partner, and by consciously supports I mean being a physical, mental and spiritual companion but also a companion who is willing to carry the equal weight of household and family duties so that both parts can develop and fulfill their roles as individuals.

8. What is one secret about women that you think all men should know?

Every woman has an inner life, which is best described as wilderness. Not wild in an uncontrolled sense but in a natural, and untamed sense. You will have seen it in those moments when a girlfriend suddenly started dancing whilst doing the dishes, or laughing hysterically out of the blue, or decided she was going hiking in the mountains. Some women completely give in to this wilderness, and some women tame it, but it’s always present to varying degrees. If a man can identify and appreciate that side of his woman, then chances are she will be very devoted to him.

Contact her @ www.msafropolitan.com or @MsAfropolitan on Twitter.


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