Is chivalry dead or is it just on life support?

Two thousand ten, a decade into the 21st century. Firmly entrenched in this new millennium, we seem to be in a constant tug of war with the ideologies attribute and sensibilities of eras gone by. The male or man of our society seems to be in a constant struggle with the very identity of what he is. Bombarded with misconceptions of what a man is from birth, men have forgotten one fundamental attribute that truly defines a man and separates them from boys. That attribute is chivalry.

Chivalry is defined by Webster’s as the qualities of the ideal knight. Further research lengthens this meaning to the idea that a knight is to serve a lady(his lady), and after her other ladies. He is to express and display a general gentleness and graciousness to all women.

What does this really mean?We are not living in the medieval era where knights roamed the countryside defending lands for king and country. Yet are we not knights of this millennium? Should we not embody those every principles which seem to be so closely with what society defines as a man?

This definition of a man seems to be one that is becoming a definition in name only.  The living embodiment of a man; what is portrayed by society and the media, and what is accepted by woman are not what men have become. Men (or at least the definition of one) have become but a pale shell of what they are supposed to be. Spending their time chasing material gains and stature while reducing women to just conquests for their sexual desire.  Are we not supposed to be their (woman’s) shining knights? Should we not show a woman that we have interest in, let alone love the graciousness and respect that we feel for them?

In legends the actions  and chivalrous nature of a knight earned him the admiration of the kingdom and the respect of ladies of the realm. Today that nature is rarely seen. What should be the norm is but a blip on the radar. Yet those bearers of the torch still exist even in these difficult times that continue to test men’s very souls.  These gentleman exist as beacons of light illuminating the true definition of a man. Showing that a man can treat a lady with respect with actions as simple has opening a door for her.

At its core, chivalry is about respect. It’s about men respecting women but more importantly it’s about men respecting themselves. Men conducting themselves with graciousness and dignity are at the very core of a knight’s creed and are fundamental aspects of what truly defines a man.

Some may say that chivalry is not dead but it is in the ICU. A remnant of backwards thinking that is fading fast into the same abyss that swallowed the dinosaurs. Chivalry cannot die! As long as the torchbearers stand forward, its resuscitation will begin. Chivalry is embodied in every gentleman and in every damsel that will not accept anything less.

Chivalry is honor, respect, dignity, graciousness, selflessness, and respect. As long as those concepts still live and breathe within our digital world, chivalry will never die. Pull the plug now! I think this patient is going to make a full recovery.

Webster Style EIC

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