Webster Style: The Next Issue

Looking for a podcast about your favorite games, tech, gadgets, and comics? If so check out The Next Issue for a bimonthly romp through the world of all things “Geek”.

The current issue (#40)  of The Next Issue features news from the San Diago Comic Con about Marvel’s anime series broadcasting on G4 in 2011.  Also in the headlines, WilliamMapp3 comments on the

tablet wars as they heat up as RIM prepares to enter the market with the Blackpad and then WebsterStyle geeks out over what could be the official final roster the Marvel vs Capcom 3. In What’s (not) Tangling the Webs, the guys ponder over the disappearance of the Thor trailer.

"Wait, didn't the Joker kill you?"

In 1st impressions, DreddedDeuce tells you why you should probably keep your hard earned dollars out EA’s pockets this summer in discussing NCAA 11 and what he gathered as a new gimmick in the upcoming Madden 11 game. The crew also discusses  why you SHOULD give DC comics their due with the new Batman: Under the Red Hood dvd. DreddedDeuce also gives a brief synopsis of Thor 612, Amazing Spider-Man 638, The 6th gun and a few others and then the guys discuss upcoming games for the fall including Halo Reach, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, DC Universe Online and many more.

Check out The Next Issue: Issue 40


This trailer is AWESOME!!!

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